National Qualification in Rope Training

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Programme overview

Heavy rope training has been around as far back as Egyptian times and has been used as an effective method of exercise, as a stand alone workout, or integrated into a cross training approach. Now heavy rope training is gaining in popularity and becoming mainstream.

If you’re looking for a unique, highly effective, full body kinetic chain workout and conditioning that brings a new twist to you and your clients’ health fitness routine, this is it. Not only will rope training increase your strength, power and endurance, the constant motion of rope undulations will impress you with a full body muscle-toning, metabolic workout unlike any other. You’ll be amazed at how fast a few quick whips can get you to your optimal heart rate.

Many gyms are now introducing ropes as part of their sports conditioning and functional training zones but, with no formal training available in Ireland to date, NTC are proud to be the first providing comprehensive training for qualified health fitness instructors and personal trainers to learn how to use them effectively.

On successful completion you will have the knowledge, skills and qualification to:

Instruct clients to use the ropes in a safe, effective and appropriate mannerIntegrate and embrace the principles of rope training into a client’s health fitness regime
Plan and design effective training programmes for mixed fitness levels helping clients to accomplish their goals whether it be gaining strength, endurance, power or other
Incorporate rope training as an efficient and effective training tool in strength and conditioning and to enhance athletic performance

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