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Stresses of everyday life and the need to slow down make people take up classes like Pilates and as a result, the Pilates course is one of the most sought after courses at the moment!

This course precisely follows the methods of Joseph Pilates and his original sequence of exercises. Classical mat Pilates is the foundation where every aspiring Pilates instructor must start.

Designed to give participants all the basic skills, knowledge and exercises to allow the safe and effective use of Pilates in providing a great workout for their clients.

Pilates improves flexibility, posture, balances musculature and teaches the body to move with ease and grace. In this course, participants will learn how to shape clients bodies and help them to improve their lives through Pilates workouts.

We have now added extra modules to the course which will help you in your career as a Pilates teacher. Each participant will receive learning materials.

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